Anal Ease Cream Cherry .5oz
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Anal Ease Cream Cherry .5oz

Cherry flavored de-sensitizing lubricant for men or women.
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Manufacturer: Nasstoys
Pretty good product. It does numb but not as numb as I would personally like. Don't use this first time trying anal just in case. --

I was kinda skeptical about this product at first. It actually does work. I totally recomend this to other people. --

This is the way to go for easier and better pleasure i would recomend this to anybody. And a little comes a long way. Just make sure you use it like 10-15 mins before and contact. That and it smells like cherries --

This stuff is phenomenal! Use some of this about 15 minutes before sex and you're set. Pair it with a good silicone lube and it really is easy access that will be unbelievably pleasurable!

This stuff works. I made one of my friends buy it and he used it as lube and it numbed everything (he's fault for not reading the instructions) but over all best thing I've tried. --

Wanted my first time to be as easy as possible so I bought Anal Ease Cream Cherry and surprising it works.. My bf likes the way it smelled like cherries....I will use the cream again and again.. --

my wife will only use this when having anal sex, she says it numbs the pain. if your a cherry lover you'll definitely love the smell of Anal Ease Cherry Cream. --

While I will always suggest that your first time with anal be a masturbatory experience, and the first time with a PERSON being incredibly slow and mostly numb-free (if something hurts, that's a sign to stop and maybe try again later, don't ignore that message), I can say with confidence that anal-ese has been a great help to many people who will retain that tension without some help. Just keep in mind that a numbing cream will never be butt-Novocaine. If you don't want to feel it at all, you might not be ready to try anal. If you don't want to feel it as much, try a nice thick silicone lube first, then reach for the Ese if that fails. Happy humping! --

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